Several national championships took place across Europe last weekend: Some players of the TIBHAR crew were among the best in their home countries!

In Romania, Bernadette Szocs cleaned up mercilessly: she won the women’s gold medal without losing a set and in the mixed doubles together with Ovidiu Ionescu. For the doubles with partner Andreea Dragoman there was second place. Cristian Pletea finished second in men and doubles with Rareș Șipoș.

Slovenia and the Czech Republic each had a TIBHAR-only final:

Deni Kozul was able to prevail in seven sets against his doubles partner Darko Jorgic, while at the same time Tomas Polansky was able to secure the title against the defending champion Pavel Sirucek in Pilsen.
There was a TIBHAR double victory in Belgium, where Cedric Nuytinck and Lisa Lung shared the gold medals.

Greece’s new champion is defender Konstantinos Angelakis.

TIBHAR is very happy about the excellent results last weekend and congratulates all players from the bottom of their hearts!

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