Tibor Harangozo
1922 - 1978

TIBHAR Tibor Harangozo GmbH, a German table tennis manufacturer headquartered in Saarbruecken, belongs to the world leading brands of this sports discipline.

Tibor Harangozo, international Yugoslavian table tennis player and trainer, was the founder of TIBHAR Company; he assigned his name to the Company. Starting in 1959, Harangozo organized international TIBHAR table tennis training camps at the sports school of Saarbruecken. Thanks to his skills as a coach, he brought the club 1. FC Saarbruecken to Bundesliga (Federal League) successes. At that time, Tibor Harangozo had the revolutionary idea to sell individual blades and rubbers and founded TIBHAR Tibor Harangozo GmbH in 1969.

When Mr. Harangozo passed away in 1978, Erwin Berg became TIBHAR’s General Manager. Erwin Berg is a former Bundesliga player and trainer at the international TIBHAR table tennis school. Roland Berg, his son, has been in charge of the Company since 1995.

TIBHAR sponsors top players like Vladimir Samsonov, Darko Jorgic or Bernadette Szöcs to name just a few. Many miscellany national teams and top clubs like the 1. FCS TT in Saarbruecken are also sponsored by TIBHAR.

Furthermore, TIBHAR, as official equipment sponsor, regularly sponsors big international table tennis events like the World Championships, European Championships, WTT and Europe Top 16.